• Associazione Tessile e Salute
    02  DICEMBER  2016
  • Gruppo Dondi SpA is glad to inform our valued Customers that on the 11th of November we received the certificate issued by the Associazione Tessile e Salute, as our products fulfil all requirements set by the organization.
    Here's part of the certificate issued by the above-cited association:
    "The ‘Associazione Tessile e Salute’ declares that all knitted fabrics in :
     protein fibres and their blends ;
     cellulose fibres and their blends ;
     silky fibres and their blends ;
     artificial fibres and their blends ;
     synthetic fibres and their blends ;
     mixed fibres
    Made by GRUPPO DONDI S.p.a  fulfils all requirements set by the "Tessile e Salute" and participates in the textile Health Project funded by the MINISTRY of HEALTH and aimed at protecting the health of people, guaranteeing to the end consumers the safety and the transparency of the textile-clothing products".